Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our first partner: Foodsprout

The first company to put our near2there button on their site is a great new site called FoodSprout.
I met the founder of FoodSprout, Andrew Naber, when we were both selected to demo at the FailCon conference back in October.
FoodSprout is the perfect site for near2there. It researches restaurants in cities across the U.S. to see from where they purchase their ingredients. Naturally, the more local the better. I am sure many people come upon this site and think "oh, I should go to this restaurant next time I'm in that city." The problem is that by the time they are in that city around meal time, they probably forget. That is where near2there helps. If they click on the near2there button, they can save a reminder for that place. So, when they are planning their trip or when they are in the neighborhood, they can be reminded that they wanted to go there.
One of my favorites is listed on their site:
Mission Pie
2901 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA

Sunday, October 3, 2010

near2there - Where the idea came from

The original idea for a location-based reminder service came to me some 3-4 years ago. I had a strong need for it. My friends often recommended places to go, but I found I forgot them each time I went out. In fact, a friend Mo told me he had eaten one of the best meals of his life at a place called Le P’tit Laurent. But maybe because of the French name or because it is in an area I don’t normally go to, but I kept forgetting it. I needed some service that said “Yo, you’re not far from that place you wanted to try.” So, now we’ve built it.

near2there does exactly this: it saves the places you want to go to and reminds you when you are near. Now, anytime someone recommends a place, I just add it to my near2there app or click on the near2there button where I see it.
Then, when I am near-to-there, I get an alert.

Le P'tit Laurent
699 Chenery Street
San Francisco, CA