Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Introducing the near2there Placemarker!

Our goal at near2there is to make it easy for you to capture all the places you want to go to.

With our new near2there placemarker you can capture ANY location on the web and save it to your phone.

Planning a trip somewhere? Use the near2there Placemarker to save all of the places you want to visit.
Read a great restaurant review? Use the Placemarker to save that review to your phone.
When you are going out near2there will give you a link back to the original web site and directions to the place.

How do I get it?
To get the near2there Placemarker simply go to our service page and drag and drop the "Install Placemarker" button to your browser bar. (Internet Explorer users: right-click the button below and choose "Add to Favorites...".)

How do I use it?
Highlight all the address information.
Click on “Placemarker” in your browser.
You’ll get a pop up screen where you can fill in other details.
Then simply click “add.”
This saves the location to your near2there account both online and to your phone.

Note: you'll need to allow popups to use the Placemarker. See your browser settings.