Thursday, February 7, 2013

near2there Button on Demand

We are introducing a really easy way to add near2there to websites or blogs.
Simply type in the name of the place and the address, push "create button," and we give you code to paste on your site/blog.

Many sites, especially travel blogs, introduce places to visit when they are in a city, whether the gallery with upcoming artists or that restaurant with cute waiters.
Their readers naturally want to go there.
How can we facilitate this?

By adding a near2there button for each of these places, you can give your readers a very simple yet powerful way to keep track of this place.  Not only does near2there give them maps and directions to the location, it reminds them when they are near.  Each location saved also contains a link back to the original article they read.  This makes your content that more relevant.
Please try it out on your site.