Monday, July 1, 2013

Boston's Best Frappes

It's hot!
Even in San Francisco, it's hot!
Makes you start thinking of breaking that diet and having something cold and decadent!
Boston Magazine just ran an article on the best frappes in Bean Town.
Here are near2there placemarks so you get pinged when you are near one.

Frappe: Dark Chocolate @ L. A. Burdick
220 Clarendon St
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Frappe: Bedrock Blitz Concrete @ JM Curley
21 Temple Pl
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Frappe: Hydrox @ Rancatore’s
36 Leonard St
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Frappe: Peanut Butter and Banana @ Burger Dive
702 Assembly Sq Dr
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Frappe: Classic Vanilla @ Lizzy’s
29 Church St
Harvard Square
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Frappe: Espresso-Malt @ Lumière
1293 Washington St
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